You would like to volunteer for the next edition of Matsuri Japon? Please attend one of our volunteer information sessions:

All sessions will be held virtually or in-person at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal. Dates to be determined

If you are interested volunteering opportunities during the year, please send an email. We are currently looking for:

  • Finance Coordinator

  • Sponsorship Coordinator

  • Facebook Manager

  • Instagram Manager

  • Twitter Manager

  • Translator (Eng-Jap or Fre-Jap)

  • Graphic Designers

  • Spokesperson


Volunteer registrations are presently closed.

Matsuri Japon relies on the skills and expertise of over 350 committed and energetic volunteers to fulfill the expectations of an estimated 18,000 visitors to the annual summer festival at Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal (JCCCM). This is a great opportunity for you to get involved in your community, meet new people, expand your skill set and be part of a great team.

To act as a tour guide. Respond to general inquiries. Sell Matsuri goods. Carry out on-site surveys. Must be considerate, polite and quick acting. Ideally trilingual (Japanese, French and English).

Register volunteers and assign nametags, Happi coats or T-shirts. Accommodate the volunteer’s needs. Manage and distribute meals to the volunteers. Secure their belongings in designated area.

Prepare typical Matsuri food such as okonomiyaki, takoyaki,etc. Instructors will be available to guide and train prior to the event. Must be hygiene conscientious and efficient.

Sell drinks and kakigori (shaved ice). Must be 18 years and over to operate beer kiosk. Considerate and efficient. A few strong people needed to operate the ice shaving machine. Training will be provided prior to the event.

Ensure secure environment for the public. First Aid or security certification is an asset. Must be responsible, vigilant and have good communication skills.

Assist in setting up and closing down the site, including stage and tents. Maintain the festival site’s booths in proper condition. Electricity, water food, drinks and ice are supplied in a timely fashion. Must enjoy teamwork.

Distribute flyers and other publicity in selected business areas. Participate in some marketing campaigns prior to the festival. Good interpersonal and computer skills are an asset. Knowledge in Japanese culture is welcomed.

Assist in creating content (e.g. drafting ideas, translation, editing, etc.) for Matsuri Japon’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts prior to the festival.

Assist in collecting live content and updating social media platforms on the day of the festival.

Must have experiences with at least two (2) of the three (3) social media platforms.

Proficiency in written English and French.

Set up workshops. Welcome the workshop hosts and participants. Ensure a safe environment for workshop hosts and participants. Help the workshops’ hosts as necessary. Conduct feedback surveys with participants. Must be independent, responsible and efficient.

Set up and take down all signage of the festival. Clean and maintain inventory of all signs.

Assist in crowd control and line management in the food vending areas of the festival.

Must be independent, responsible and efficient.